Rows and rows of firs, waiting to be harvested, cast grey shadows over the empty trenches. The misty rain falls continuously through the day, catching on the branches and causing even the wind to shiver and retreat. Only Henry stalks through the living halls now. His workers left. His work remains.

Harvesting Christmas trees is a year’s work for a single day. Henry, who’s lost everything, yet has his trees. They require water, but not touch. Air, but not breath. Nourishment, but not companionship. Care, but not love.

They are the family he’s embraced.

But in dirt and blood an Old Voice can be heard. He calls to Henry. He reaches out a hand. Henry stalks through the living halls, searching for the One Who Speaks. His eyes alight on the bones of a hare, its life exposed to the grey. He turns…

Noble Fir is a story of pain and reconciliation. It seeks to answer why bad things happen to good people. And why grief must be a burden shared.